Fungal Pneumonia

Mul-1867 new hope to patients with Fungal Pneumonia.

Fungal Pneumonia is a life-threatening rate disease (Orphan disease) primarily afflicting immunocompromised patients. Pulmonary aspergillosis and candidiasis are estimated to occur in 5‑13 % of recipients of bone marrow transplants, 5‑25 % of patients who have received heart or lung transplants, and 10‑20 % of patients who are receiving intensive chemotherapy for leukemia. Mortality rates for transplant patients have been reported to be between 34 and 58 %.    Increasing reports of fungal resistance to available therapies necessitates the development of new antifungals to treat these infections. Preclinical and early clinical data suggest that Mul-1867 may provide an alternative treatment for patients suffering from these conditions.

The Orphan Drug Act provides for granting special status to a drug to treat a rare disease or condition. This status is referred to as orphan designation (or sometimes “orphan status”).